Monday, October 05, 2009


As promised, here are a few pictures of some of the things I had on my stall at the Spring Fair.
Here is the car loaded up. It doesn't look much, but it took up a lot of table space when I set it out!Some of my Christmas stockings.Bottlle carrier bags - oops! Picture is not very clear!
The white lace collage bags are much admired, but I may need to dye them if I am to sell them. White would probably only be suitable for a bride.

You saw these little needlebooks before when I had just finished making them. These are little silk drawstring bags, with ribbon embroidery. The one on the left is fine muslin. with shadow embroidery.

These felt balls were popular. I suggested they would make good toys for pets and children, or pincushions. One customer thought they would also be good for people to exercise their hand and finger muscles, especially after a stroke.

Some of my colourful funky Christmas stockings.

These bags were made using my lace collage technique.

Patchwork cushions using rose prints and doileys. I got an order for a couple in blue.

More of my bags, pouches and spectacle cases.

Bookmarks, with a couple of little patchwork bags to the right.

The "sugar-frosted fruits." I have more of these in the pipeline for Christmas!!

Some little patchwork tissue purses.

More stockings!

Spectacle cases.

Little felt hearts. I am also thinking about more of these for Christmas.

Still more bags and purses.

I am planning some more of these "Rose" patchwork bags in smaller sizes.

The felt pincushion apples sold quickly.

Still more bags, using colourful prints.

Wool potholders. kitchen hand towels, and in the background, some of Annette's soaps which I placed in cotton organdy bags. (The bags were made from a couple of cotton organdie curtains I bought at the Op Shop.I decorated them with transfers and lace appliques.)

I really went to town on making marmalade this year.

A range of chocolates - hazelnut truffles, choc-coated ginger, and Guava jelly. I made the fudge at the last minute, and should have made more!!


Annette said...

Oh my goodness Mary,you certainly have been busy making things, well done, and I hope you haven't much left over..
Annette in Townsville Aust.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mary Kim said you did very well bet all the candy went, everyone loves home made fudge etc.\Have you thought of doing jewellry bags, I have one I can bring over next time I come, they are very popular over here.

Karen Mason

Karen said...

Wow this is simply awesome you've been very busy and it all looks so good. Wish I was there I'd be snapping up some goodies for sure.

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