Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The French students who are raising funds to go to Tahiti in October held a special evening out at Rocky Point last night . What a beautiful spot, out on the grassy cliff above Crystal Pool, and what a glorious evening, after the wet conditions of the previous day.
We enjoyed sausages and chips as the sun went down. And I mean real chips, made from the Nobbs' boys potatoes grown out there at Rocky Point.
Once the sun had gone down over the sea, the sky began to fill with the brightest array of stars, one of the clearest nights we had seen for a while!
The big bonfire took a while to light, as the wood was wet, but they finally got it alight. There is something about a bonfire...the boys have to cluster around it as if it was some primitive cave man thing, and this was no exception. I tried to photograph it, but none of my after -dark photos came out very well.
Chelsea entertained us with the fire sticks ...quite spectacular. Then the girls gave us a couple of performances with their Tahitian dancing. They practice each week with Kath and Tania, but had some wonderful lessons recently from Marietta who came from Tahiti for a fortnight.
The evening was so mild and balmy.
It was a perfect family evening.
The kids all had a great time, and I think we all felt really glad that we live on such a beautiful, friendly and safe island!

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