Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I opted for a quiet day at home today.
After watching the very moving Kokoda Track ceremony on Channel 7, I decided that I had a guilt-free day ahead which would be an opportunity to tackle a long-neglected U.F.O. (unfinished object.)
So out came my "seascape" which I first began exactly three years ago during an Anzac Day weekend workshop in Newcastle, with American tutor, Judith Baker Montano. I had done a fair bit of the work on the central underwater scene during those two days of the workshop. It just needed a bit more embellishing, but it was about 12 months before I got back to it.
Then it was put away again for another year.
Last year, I organised a "Marine themed Swap" with some of my on-line Crazy Patchwork friends, which greatly increased my stash of fishy/watery fabrics, charms, buttons, threads etc. So, inspired by these, I decided to do a Crazy Patchwork border for the underwater scene. Over a period of months, I eventually almost finished these borders, but then they got put away and forgotten again.
Today, I got everything out again, attached the borders, lined and backed the piece, and even bound it. And it only took a couple of hours. Why did I leave it so long?
Now it just needs a sleeve on the back for hanging. I think I will place it on the blank wall just as you go into the main bathroom........but I will have to pin one of the boys down to put me some hooks into the wall first. Hope that doesn't take another 3 years!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing your beautiful Underwater scene.
It is filled with lots of wonderful underwater treasures.
Well done!!! Hugs Lorraine H

Erica said...

congratulations Mary! that is a lovely piece of work, and isn't it nice to be finished and have at least one UFO off your mind - not implying you have more of course (grin) I'm thinking of my own stack of unfinished work

abeautifulcraft said...

Mary, this is just stunning - just love the use of the real shells, the fibres, the fish buttons, netting over some and not over others, colour combinations, tatting even, the charms and everything. This is certainly extremely inspiring and beautiful!!!! Bet you feel as proud as punch ...
hugs Sandie

abeautifulcraft said...

Mary it's me again .. lol just back after a mind bending read of your wonderful blog! One of my favorite posts was about 'grandma' and her birthday .... what a wonderful age ...
I really enjoyed 'everything'

Unknown said...

Dear Mary, love the seascape. In fact, I love my visits to Norfolk Island courtesy of your blog. I hope you don't mind Mary but I have tagged you. Hop over to The Trad Pad at http://tradpad.blogspot.com to see the details.

Blessings and bliss

sharonb said...

this is lovely - I had to smile when you said why did you leave it so long as I do the same sort of thing!

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