Saturday, April 01, 2006


The great thing about living in a small community is that there is always something going on.
Well, I suppose things are always going on in other places too, but here you get to know about them, you know the people involved, and you don't have to travel far to get to them!
The first thing on my list this morning, after our Saturday family breakfast, was to go to the Girl Guides Trash and Treasure Sale. I actually came away with a big box of stuff (that I don't really need). I will bring it out of the car boot piece by piece over a few days, so no one here at home notices!
Then I went to fill the car with petrol, and on the way back noticed the kids were having a Car Wash alongside "Pawpaw's Pumphouse.". This was being run by a group of young people who study French at school, to help fund an upcoming trip to Tahiti in October. They tackled my very dirty car with great enthusiasm, and I thought that for $7.50, I got a bargain. It is a wonderful thing about Norfolk Island..the kids do not expect hand-outs..they are happy to work towards their goals!
This afternoon, a dozen ladies (and one man) from the different churches on the island gathered together here at Devon to make palm crosses for Palm Sunday next week. This was the first time we have all joined together to do it, and it was a really great occasion for sharing.

Tonight, we are going to a school reunion for some of the Norfolkers from the Year 19?????. In other words, some of Bernie's classmates. This has been organised by Ray Hall, who is home from Canada for a few months. I know there is going to be some hilarious reminiscing and antics going on at Cat's Cafe tonight.....from people who are old enough to know better, but who strongly believe you are never too old to have fun!!

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