Sunday, April 16, 2006

Our dear friend Ned quietly left a little Easter egg for each of us on our table as we were having brunch at Tempo Cafe this morning....but apart from that, it has more or less been an egg-free Easter for us!
However, I thought I would take the opportunity of showing you my modest egg collection! I began collecting them a few years ago when I was looking for some easy little souvenir to take home from holidays. There are quite a few different kinds- wood, marbled, quartz, alabaster, ebony, decoupaged, and one of a really heavy sort of stone which feels lovely and cool in one's hand.
I stopped collecting once I had a "bowlful." I am a bit like that with collecting things...I only need enough for a small tableau or arrangement, and then I move on to something else.
But talking about eggs does evoke a few memories.
I recall as a small child having a duck's egg for breakfast. That day, we travelled by train to London (to see the King and Queen.) The duck's egg disagreed with me, and I was ill on the train.
Perhaps that was why I was not keen on eggs after that.
In order to persuade me to eat my breakfast or tea time egg, my mother suggested I try laying my own. So I would squat, say cockle-doodle-do, and when I looked round, an egg would appear behind me. The lengths some parents will go to get their children to eat!!!!! I was an incredibly gullible child.
I have since learnt, along with other lessons about the birds and the bees, that only chooks lay the sort of eggs we eat!
Actually, my relationship with eggs, and chickens too, for that matter, has not improved much. We have five or six hens, but they are strictly Bernie's responsibility. They are very faithful layers, but the eggs seem to be mostly given away, apart from the ones we use for our Saturday morning breakfasts, and the occasional baking spree.
I forgot to mention that I also have a small collection of ornamental birds and hens...but that is another story!

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