Monday, April 24, 2006

We may live a long way from anywhere here on Norfolk Island, but that does not mean we are in a culturally-deprived backwater. In fact, we are blest with a wonderful parade of visiting artists, entertainers, musicians....and when they are here, it is possible for anyone to avail themselves of the opportunity to go along and enjoy the performance with minimal effort or expense, and in settings that are far more intimate and accessible than on the mainland. Moreover, we are also blest with some very high class local talent.
Saturday evening's "Sesqui-soiree", held in St Barnabas' Chapel, was a perfect example. About 90 people were privileged to spend a couple of hours enjoying the very beautiful voice of visiting NZ mezzo-soprano Lynne Anderson. "Like silk" is the best description that comes to mind for Lynne's voice....she had us spellbound as she took us through 150 years of song.
Lynne's performance was beautifully complemented by Reuben Craig's keyboard accompaniment..that was a real treat as well. We also enjoyed some pieces from Eric Craig on the violin and Don Reynolds on classical guitar. Now I am told that is an unusual combination in the music world, but it is one that Eric and Don have been perfecting over many years, and we are just so fortunate to have musicians like this living on Norfolk Island.
Lynne sang so many songs, every one was beautiful, but the one that really brought tears to my eyes was "The old violin" which was performed as a duo with Eric. I know a favourite of many others was "The Holy City" and "The End of a Perfect Day."
Following the performances we were all treated to a "High Tea" in the Parish Centre, with the most scrumptious treats, both sweet and savoury.
Lynne most generously gave her time and talents to our Quota Club, who organised the evening. They all worked so hard to create a very special occasion which we will remember for a long time to come!

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