Thursday, April 20, 2006

Today is the birthday of our son John...he is 32 today. John is the middle one of our five children, and he was born in Sutherland Hospital in Sydney on April 20, 1974.
Bernie was still back on Norfolk Island at the time, and I can remember us discussing what we would call him over the phone! We settled on John Reuben. This was the name of Bernie's uncle, who died as a teenager after a football injury. Reuben was also the name of Bernie's maternal grandfather, and there was also an "Uncle Reub" back in my mother's family somewhere.
John was the easiest baby was such a breeze caring for him that we had no hesitation about having number 4. But by the time Peter arrived, John was an incredibly active and mischievous toddler. But he was still good-natured. Some visitors we had at that time called him "Happy Jack."
My mother liked to call him "Farmer John"...she would probably be surprised to know that it was Peter who became the farmer. My sister and brother-in-law used to call him "John Chicken"...I am not sure why, but I think it had something to do with his wide-eyed look and chirpy nature!
The picture was taken at one of the "Happy Holiday Hour" sessions run by the Seventh Day church here. He was about 11 at the time. I just love the look of pure delight on his face as he produces something with his own hands. Who could ever doubt that this was what he would end up doing for a living?
April 20th is something of a sad anniversary also. Bernie's mum Dorothy passed away, at the age of 88, on John's 17th birthday. It is hard to believe that was 15 years ago.

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