Thursday, July 28, 2011


When Annette left for Australia recently, she left behind lots of goodies for the Craft group. Here is Lorraine going through some of the bags......

 And here is what she brought one week later, a table mat made from some of the skinniest scraps!

 Loraine is definitely our most prolific and productive members.  In just one week she produced this piece from some 2" squares I had given her a week before.
 And this wonderful top was also made in double quick time from more of Annette's scraps!
 We all admired it, and wished we had some of Lorraine's focus and energy.
 For two weeks, former group member End came to visit us, while holidaying on the island and visiting her son. Enid says she does not do a great deal of sewing anymore, but she enjoyed browsing through our stack of Craft magazines and chatting with us.
 Agnes had a chance to go through some of my ENORMOUS collection of stranded threads, finding the right colours for an embroidery project.
 Here is the longstitch that Shirley is currently working on.
Joy has been making these wonderful "bedrunners" for a year or two now. This lady has the most wonderful colour sense - the brighter and richer the better!

 Connie has just re-joined the group after many years absence. It is so good to have her back!
 Helen, Agnes and Shirley compare notes.
 Joy and Enid both engrossed!
 Believe it or note I am also working on an embroidered  linen tablecloth which I "acquired" recently. It is not really my thing, but I will persevere...check back on this one in a couple of years!

Andrea sometimes finds her ricepaper decoupage a bit tedious - so she has relieved the boredom and posed for the camera by wearing it as a hat.
 Andrea always does the washing up of the coffee cups - and if any of us try to help, we are told to get out of her kitchen!

Helen and Andrea share a special moment.
This is a lovely Craft group. We have been meeting for about 17 years, and our Tuesday "time-out" is very important to us. Acceptance and support and encouragement are so important to all of us.

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Karen said...

Very nice. Loraine is one of those people who must manage her time wisely and inspires us all to try a little harder - or at least until the next time when we realize that we've let things go once again.

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