Friday, August 12, 2011


I apologise to my friends in Bloggerland that I have not posted as regularly as I should just lately. But I have not really been shirking. I have managed a ferw beautiful hours at my sewing machine, plus more doing some gentle handstitching.
Here are some of my recent "creations."
First, the tags. Everyone in the Art/Craft world seems to have been making tags lately. Actually I cannot quite see the point of them, but they are just a good size for an artistic mini-creation, and I suppose they can claim to be functional to some extent - that is, if someone chooses to actually use them as a bag tag or perhaps a small hanging decoration.

I have a couple of CD's of Victorian Christmas pictures - perhaps they would make great decorations/gifts at Christmas time!

 Funnily enough, when Kim saw them, she asked if I would do a custom made one for Charles. It seems that when he went to NZ recently, he managed to pick up the wrong bag at Auckland airport - in spite of the fact that his bag was a bright fluoroescent pink one!

I had just finished a project on the sewing machine one day when I was hit with sudden impulsive inspiration to make a romantic bag. I grabbed some pretty rose fabric and some lace, and this was what I ended up with. I had a few technical problems, but was quite pleased with the result. I can iron out some of the problems with the next one. Meanwhile I think I will hang this in the spare bedroom. You just cannot go past roses and lace!

 For some time I have been thinking about making some amulet purses, but have not yet decided about the design, Anyway, this one was my first little experiment. I quite enjoyed getting my silk ribbons out. I have not played with them for a while.
 Finally, here is a batch of needlebooks - works in progress.
 This is the only one I have finished, and I found it very satisfying. Another chance to use my growing collection of fabric prints!
 I just love the colour tones in this one - not quite neutral!
 Any project looks great with a printed word or two!
 Finally, I am finding a use for some of the zillions of containers I seem to have lying around. The little cardboard ones really lend themselves to a bit of romantic embellishment.


Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy. Very nice I like lace.

ellen said...

Hi, I really enjoyed browsing your site, just loved the post about your early home and the pictures. My husband G'parents immigrated from England in the 1930's and I loved hearing the stories of their childhood and how the came to live in America. G'pa Will and my brother-in-law Billy are both Williams yet I never realized Liam was a nickname for William ( what a cutie he is and how lucky to have some of your G'kids living so close mine live quite far away) Of course, my husband thought I was silly when I asked him If he knew that and teased me a bit. I like your tags and bags and was amazed to recognized two of the fabrics you used for I have them in my own stash all the way over here in my little country village in New York State (USA). Isn't the world a small place online? I also enjoyed reading about your craft guild such pretty things everybody is working on and they look like such nice people. Thanks for a lovely visit. Ellen P also a member of CQI.

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