Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It was our younger grandson Nathaniel's (Nate) first birthday earlier this month, and this is the only picture that Blogger will let me upload today.
Up in the top right corner you can see the knitted wool jumper I gave him, while Nate takes more interest in the wrapping paper!.
I asked a friend Betty to knit this for me many months ago, when we really had no idea how big Nate would be at 12 months. It only just fits him! I hope Blogger will now let me upload a picture of him wearing it!
Hurray, I have managed another picture. I am not going to risk the frustration of trying to post another one today - I will perhaps add more pictures when Blogger has got over its hissy fit.
I think you will agree he is a great little fellow, very easy going and always smiling. In fact he definitely has his Dad's sense of humour! And the jumper looks great. Granny's choice of colours.
Betty left the island not long afyter she finished the jumper, so I am going to have to find her address so she can see it on Nate!

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