Friday, July 01, 2011


The other evening, we had our annual Community Arts Exhibition. This is usually held in the Supper room of our Rawson Hall. It is rather a drab venue, but it really comes to life with all the wonderful exhibits. It is a very central spot, right in the middle of town, and just a few metres from our Post Office, where the locals go to collect their mail most days.
This year the feature artist was Tihoti (George) Barff, and some of his art work can be seen on the wall behind. Beside George is Celia, our Community Arts President, and Bianca, our Administrator's wife, who opened the Show.
 Those present at the opening were enthralled as Tihoti spoke about the importance of having a Dream, that being the theme of the Exhibition this year.
 Tihoti is a Tattoo artist, and many people here actually wear his art on their bodies. But his wall art is also quite beautiful! I am sorry this picture is a little over-exposed.
 One of the exhibits, done by Helen, was a fascinating and clever collage made using mostly Norfolk Island postage stamps, with a map or two. Unfortunately it was not for sale - I would have been very tempted.
 This display of hats by Wayne are destined to be prizes in the Archery  competitions being held here on the island next week. What a wonderful Norfolk Island momento for the lucky winners!
 These very beautiful butterfly photos were produced by my niece Cristina.
 A seascape chair complete with hi-his (periwinkles). They look so real, I would hesitate to sit on the chair!
 I just love blue and white pottery. This tile mat was the first item to attract a red sticker.
 More paintings, and a Norfolk Island quilt.
 This was another of my favourite exhibits - a fluffy tern chick.
 Some exquisite woodwork from "Beef"(John B.)
 I alweays try to put in some little textile pieces to add to the variety of the displays. These are Clara's treasures, which I wrote about in another post. I displayed the story, which I thought would be interesting for folk.
 I also put in 6 of the swing purses I have been making recently.
 And my two "Angel bags."
Times are a bit tough here on Norfolk Island just now, and not a lot was sold this year. But the show certainly created a great deal of pleasure for our locals and visitors!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful Mary thanks for sharing there were several pieces I would have been tempted to buy.

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