Thursday, June 23, 2011


I had a few pictures in my camera that I thought I had better download and show you "for the record"!!
Mind you, these are specially designed for the New Zealand members of the family, who just don't get to see the progress of the little ones nearly enough. But I hope everyone else will enjoy them too.

This is a rather dark one of our latest baby "Ruby" who is nine months old now and probably fully grown. Here she is sharing a bed with Digby. But if you though that meant they were friends, you are completely wrong. Digby continues to ignore her existence!

 And here is Cloud, our "grandcat", whom we have been minding. Cloud is somewhat psychologically "challenged", probably as a result of having been run over several times, as well as experiencing a number of other mishaps. While her owners were away she lived on the table outside the back door, and would spend almost the whole day looking through the window to the inside. Mind you, she could come in through the catdoor right next to her, but chose not to.

 At night she insisted on sleeping on top of our microwave.
 And here is William, who comes to us every Friday afternoon, when we pick him up from his Montessori school. He has some Nutrigrain, a few stories, and then he usually goes off to sleep. He is still suffering the effects of glandular fever, poor little man.
 But he always has a smile for us, and he never complains!
 And here is his younger brother Nathaniel, who is discovering the pleasures of food!
 Now he is crawling he can find all sorts of toys for himself, including the cat food dishes...

 And the cat door!
The family went off to Rarotonga for a couple of weeks

Here they are at the airport on the day they left.

 Nate has some fun with Grandad. He has a wicked sense of humour just like his father.
 And here are a couple more pictures of Ruby. She is probably fully grown now, but is still not much more than one and a half kilos!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos Mary, never get enough of them, Kim is useless at sending photos to us. The one of Liam lying down looks so much like his mum at that age.

Anonymous said...

It seems like it was just yesterday that the baby was born, time flies by so fast.

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