Thursday, June 02, 2011


I never get tired of making little bags. I seem to be well-known for them!!

I have been having such fun lately playing with bright silks, hand-dyed laces,  little Victorian prints, beads, buttons and braids! For the backs I have used some hand-dyed velvet. I have had these boxes of crushed velvet scraps, in pale green and pink, for about 20 years. It had taken this long for them to inspire me ! Just a little bit of blue dye, and pink becomes mauve, and green becomes teal! A little yellow dye transforms pale green into a wonderful lime, and pink into a lovely terra cotta! And I cannot believe I have actually been enjoying a flirt with orange, not usually my favourite hue!! 

 My intention was to produce some little bags that could be hung decoratively, and serve as holders for things like specs, mobile phones etc. They have turned out too big for that, and modern mobiles are so small, they would get lost at the bottom of the bags!
 Nevertheless, they could perhaps hold other treasures like special hankies, passports, combs, jewellery.
 Or maybe they could even be taken out in the evening!
 Why do I keep making bags? Is it because I like things to be functional as well as decorative? Perhaps it is because a bag seems more substantial and hangs better than a little wall hanging.
I feel I have continued breaking new ground with these bags. I have definitely explored colour combinations that I would once have lacked the courage to to use. And I have been able to use other items like braids, ribbons and motifs that have been waiting for ages to make an appearance on my creations!
And currently I am working on another batch of bags that are small enough to hold specs or mobiles!


Anonymous said...

Mary, These bags are just gorgeous - and very "You"
Love them
See you soon

Anonymous said...

The bags look wonderful Mary, very creative. You never know when those scraps will come in handy that's why we all keep them :)

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