Sunday, June 19, 2011


Our QuiltNorfolk ladies have been busy again, organising yet another Patchwork retreat to Norfolk Island . This time, the week was to be more "low key" and instead of different workshops, they stayed in one place as a group, either working on their own projects, or  making their way through a sampler quilt that had been designed by the QuiltNorfolk Team.            

 There were a total of 27 ladies this time, all from Australia. A tutor was brought in from New Zealand, the very talented Debbie Williams. Debbie had brought along some of her wonderful pieces to display and inspire! Below is Debbie's entry in last year's Hoffman challenge. It is amazing, but believe it or not, it was disqualified because it did not fulfil all the strict and unusual criteria!!

 This is a bargello style bag made by Debbie. It has been treated with a sealing medium, ensuring it would stand up to a great deal of wear and tear!

 Debbie's quilting stitches are definitely the smallest and neatest that I have EVER seen!

 Below is a picture of the Norfolk Island sampler quilt. All the particpants were given a folder of instructions for each of the blocks and the techniques used in them. They then worked at their own pace, with Debbie and the QuiltNorfolk team on hand to assist and advise.

 Rowena designed this block of a Norfolk plaited hat, which uses seminole techniques.

 Norfolk Island's green parrot, and a branch of our lovely red guavas features prominently.

 The Chapel Rose Window was the centrepiece. Barbara made a wonderful job of this one, with some beautiful and unusual buttons providing some of the detail!

You cannot pick out the ocean in the background of this picture - but it is definitely "ironing with a view". The venue for the workshops was Maria's Restaurant at the Hillcrest Hotel.

 This picture was taken later on the Friday afternoon, when many of the ladies had started to pack up. But there were a few so engrossed in what they were doing, they found it hard to leave!
 As I said, some participants worked on their own projects. I really loved this one - that is definitely the loveliest form of cross stitch I have seen!
 At the last retreat, participants brought along squares of fabric in beige and aqua. The QuiltNorfolk team turned them into this wonderful mascot, christened "Tintoela." (That is a Norfolk word meaning "sweetheart.")
 Some more of Debbie's lovely work.

Well done QuiltNorfolk.
The next event will be 22nd-29th October of this year. You can make enquiries and bookings online.

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