Thursday, June 09, 2011


In a recent posting I showed some bags I had been working on. They were originally intended for holding things like specs and mobile phones, but ended up rather too large. So I set to work on a Mark II model, and decided to use some rather lovely old Sanderson upholstery linen samples. They teamed beautifully with the lace and pearl buttons.

 An yes - they are perfect for spectacles, but I am not sure about phones. I do not have a mobile phone to test it out just now. Bernie has one, but is away from the house this morning.
 They are also just right for pens! I hadn't thought of that.
 But they not quite tall enough for remote controls. I wonder why these are not made in smaller sizes nowadays. Probably because we are always losing them, and having them smaller would make them even more elusive and hard to find under cushions etc.!!
 Funnily enough, I had no sooner finished congratulating myself on having "used up" some of this Sanderson fabric than my friend Annette, who is cleaning out prior to moving, brought round heaps more for me!

 Now these little numbers were quick and easy to make. I have made 13, but I will have to "test the market" before I make any more. 

 Meanwhile I have finished 2 more of the other bags. I am really enjoying doing these!

Peggy in New Zealand is going to send me some CD's with heaps more copyright free images for printing on fabric. Boy, am I going to have fun!

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