Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am told that nowadays many local Shows are in the doldrums, and their Societies are feeling the pinch financially. Participation and interest are undergoing a downturn, and as many formerly rural areas are being urbanised, so the traditional activities of many local Shows are seen as irrelevant and out of touch for the people in their local areas.
Not so the ROYAL Norfolk Island Show (we earned royal patronage back in the 70's.) It is true that our committee is largely a group of faithful oldies, and that most of the hard work is done by just a few.
But when the day comes around on the second Monday of October each year, then everyone seems to rally round to make it a really good community day!
Here are just a few more somewhat random pictures taken at this year's Show. This participant in the Equine Fancy Dress came as "Barney Duffy", a legendary hero from the convict days.
Sarah and Amy dressed as jockeys.

There is always an enthusiastic crowd of spectators!

Anna and Emily dresses as Western Sheriffs - but Em looks more like a bandit!

The girls were in a relaxed mode as they watched the adult riding events.

The Cat Show is always popular. My niece Mandy, who was visiting the island, is a real cat lover.

I walked around the corner to see some Martial Arts in action.

The Junior Fancy Dress participants lined up.

Trevor the Blacksmith visits from Alice Springs every two years. Faithful "Gotta Luvit" is happy to co-operate in the shoe-ing demo.

Emily and Anna parade their stuff.

Miriam and Em's godmother Gracie watch proudly.

Sarah comes back to her Mum with a yellow (2nd place) ribbon.
We have just about recovered from the Show. Bernie is involved in stewarding for the Cattle Judge, and I judge needlework. We are both involved generally with the activities of the Society, which still fills a very important role in our community. It is important to showcase a communities talents and resources.
We know that in a rapidly changing world, local Shows may have to adapt and be flexible to meet changing needs. But we do hope that our A&H Show will remain an important activity on our community calendar.
P.S. Now here is a bit of trivia.....Did you know that the very first Agricultural Society in the world was founded by John Christian-Curwen in Cumberland? This gentleman was actually Fletcher Christian's first cousin!!

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Karen said...

It's always a joy to see the pictures Mary especially as it's cold, rainy and dark with over-cast skies where I am right now.

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