Thursday, October 15, 2009

The girls get the horses ready at the stables. It has been an early start.
All ready to set off for the Showgrounds.
The night before they had been polishing their gear. Here Anna and Sarah are decorating bridles.
Quite a few jodphurs and jeans have been going through the wash.

Early in the morning, people start turning up at the Hall with their entries.

Annette and Vuta set up a station where they are going to take people's blood pressure as a public service.

The stewards arrange the exhibits.

An entry in the Cut flower section gets a last minute trim.

The stewards on the Cooking section share a joke with an entrant.

Rotary sets up the Barbecue area.

People are unloading all sorts of exhibits from their cars.

The Lions Club are setting up their ever popular Merry-Go-Round.

Judging gets underway in the Needlework section.

Jack has a sneak preview in the Hall before he starts his duties in the Showring.

The Cooking judges have a busy task - this is a very popular section.

At least the Fruit and Vegetable judges don't have to taste everything!

There is a tea and coffee station where the judges and stewards can take some refreshments while they confer.

The season has not been the best for Cut Flowers this year - but what was entered still made a lovely display.

The preserves section was well-entered.

Bernie also had a sneak preview of the displays in the Hall.

Show President David says everything is ready to go!

The Official Opening on the steps of Rawson Hall.
The activity outside is well and truly underway.

In my next postings, I will show you some of the exhibits and the other activities!

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Karen said...

Very nice thanks for sharing Mary, next best thing to being there.

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