Saturday, October 17, 2009


Here are some of the exhibits that caught my eye at our Show on Monday. This 'sculpture' won the award for the Best Exhibit in the Hall. It is an amazing arrangement of fruit and vegetable carvings done by Moo, a lovely Thai girl who works here as a chef. The carvings feature a watermelon, a paw-paw, a pumpkin, and two turnips.

There are alwaysdplenty of island pies entered.

I love this array of dried fruit preserves.

The freshly baked homemade breads looked very tempting!

I always enjoy the children's entries, especially the art.

Now these two displays, the roosters above, and the colourful circles below, would lend themselves to being printed onto fabric!

Charles entered three really large yams, but someone else's were even bigger! It is always good to have some competition!

Traditional Norfolk plaited hats are getting better each year. The addition of colour adds such stylish variety and flair.

A very tempting and colourful salad!

Just loved this arrangement of gourds!

When you come up close to the frame on the right, you discover it is nothing more than a collection of 'flotsam and jetsam' (mainly plastic rubbish) that has been washed up on the beach, and artfully arranged!

Kaye's wonderful vertical arrangement, displayed on a specially made Guava easel.


Carol said...

I want to be there! But the virtual tour is most enjoyable, thanks.

Karen said...

Everything looks yummy, lol I'm on a diet at moment so it was mouthwatering to see all the food exhibits.

I love all the exhibits but have to admit I really like the hats the best, that'd be such a neat skill to have.

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