Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Our daughter Miriam, and her daughters Sarah (14) and Emily(12) are with us for the summer holidays. While they are here, they always team up 24/7 with cousins Anna (12) and Amy (10). Our girls live in an inland rural town in New Zealand, and although they have a big pool complex there, it is a real delight to make the most of the beach and the sea here on the island. Miriam has captured so much of their activities on film, but there are so many magic shots that I will have to show them in two or three parts!!

The first day it was a little cool, and for a while the kids contented themselves with exploring the beach for beach glass and shells, and the rockpools for crabs and other sea creatures. Anna and Amy had not yet returned from Brisbane, so things felt a little quieter.

The next day was still overcast, but the Raft in Emily Bay really beckoned. The cousins had joined them, and there were other old friends to catch up with too!

It was very low tide, and the water was still. It was perfect for visitors to wonder at the coral and the fish from the glass bottom boat, or go for a sail in the rubber dinghy.

After a bit of clowning around in the water, it would be time to get something to eat from "Moosa Buss" - a mobile food bus that has been feeding us at Emily Bay for many decades!

Emily Bay is really a sort of coral lagoon, and is the most perfect water playground ! And it is never crowded!

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Lovely pictures thank you for sharing.

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