Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One of the reasons that I keep this blog is to tell you all what a wonderful, unique place Norfolk Island is!
And since I have started recording our lives here, I have discovered that this island has thousands of stories to tell.
It gave me enormous pleasure, therefore, when I learned that someone was going to produce a lifestyle magazine that would capture and tell the story of some of the many things that make Norfolk Island special.

Rob Nisbet hails from Scotland, but he and wife Tina, a local Norfolk girl, and their two littlies Zander and Ceilidh, have made their home here on the island. Rob is highly qualified and skilled in photography and graphic design, and has invested his talents and resources in this new groundbreaking venture.
The magazine is to be known as 2899, which is the island's postcode, and also Rob's business name.
Rob's assistant Bruce distributes some complementary copies to writers and advertisers

Last night, the first issue was launched at a gathering of enthusiastic locals, who were openly delighted to see the spirit and essence of Norfolk captured so beautifully in print and picture.

All the writing was done locally, and superbly complemented by Rob's stunning photography.

Yours truly had an opportunity to write one of the articles, featuring our home "Devon House." I was itching to see what Rob had done with it, and I was not disappointed. In fact I was delighted, and would love to be able to send a copy to lots of people to "show it off."!

There was a lovely 2 page spread on our home, with some unusual shots, including an amazing ground-level one of the three-legged race on Thanksgiving Day!!
Other articles include features on island events, the Norfolk Pine, Whalebirds, Island "plun" (bananas), the Tahiti connection, local art inspired by sea themes, and many more. Even the advertisements have a timeless quality!

Everyone was very eager to sit down and peruse the new publication

"2899" will not only give enormous pleasure to locals and visitors, but will be a superb tool in promoting Norfolk Island. It will retail for just under $10, but will not be discarded like other magazines, but will claim a special permanent place on your bookshelves. I will be delighted to post a copy to anyone who asks!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind having a copy or at least an address to send for one. Does he plan on going local or distribute outside of Norfolk?

I've really enjoyed your blog and all your descriptions of the island and the stories you tell. I think you'll probably end up being featured many times in this magazine, in fact I can see you becoming a regular contributor to it. You have so much material to pull from having already written a lot of it in your blog.

I also find your writing style very easy to read and well written. I've often thought that you should be writing a book, one of those coffee table types with your stories and photos included.

Let me know how I can send money for the magazine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary

Happy New Year to you and Bernie,
I will send some money home with Charles as I would love a copy of the magazine, do you think he will do a subscription to NZ?
Your lovely grandson is in great spirits and we are so loving having him with us, he by passed mum and dads room today and headed straight for mine to wake me with a kiss and big smile.
Hope to read many more blogs this year love Karen & John Mason

Anonymous said...

HI Mary,Bernie and Family,
So lovely to catch up with all the news of Norfolk through your Blog. It keeps David and I in the loop. I love seeing all the photos and your wonderful writing style reminds me of all the fun we had with the Christian-Bailey clan over the years.
We both wish you all a wonderful New Year and if you could supply an address and cost I would love to getone of Robs books.Our E-mail is
Love to all.
David and Marea Keppie

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary
We also would like a copy of this magazine. I love reading & catching up with the news on Norfolk. We really enjoyed Kim & Charles wedding last year. It is a great way to see young William growing up. Tell Kim & Charles to come to Kerikeri sometime.
Gay & Trevor Thomson

Pukerosa said...

Hi Mary

Happy New Year to all your family.
I would also like a copy of your magazine sent to Kerikeri, NZ. Can you please let me know how to send the money for it.
I love reading your blog & have it saved on my favourites. It is good to see young William growing up. Betty was really pleased that Kim & Charles called in to see her in Masterton. Tell them to come up to the Bay of Islands & see Trev & I.
We loved meeting your family when we came over for the wedding. You have a very lovely family.
Gay & Trev Thomson, Kerikeri, NZ.

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