Sunday, January 18, 2009


For the past three or four years, Norfolk Island has been holding an annual Wearable Art Show.
Of course, our four "Life Be In It" girls decided they just had to enter, and young Will wanted to be included as well.

After an initial panic at the thought of creating five costumes, the adult accomplices got into action to assist and provide some ideas. At first they thought they would dress as cowgirls, but this was later modified to "The Stablehands" -after all, this is where they spend a lot of their time!!
Joanne had the inspiration to call on Tony G. to help. Tony has a background in sewing for theatre, and was all too willing to drop everything and come and cut out garments to fit the kids.

The "fabric" was sacks provided by Kaye at Silky Oaks Stables.

Kaye also gave us five old horseshoes to "recycle", because the "Recycled" section was the ones the girls had decided to nter.

I found some old chain in the shed, which Charles cut into lengths, and with some fencing wire and the horseshoes, we fashioned some "pendants". Some gold spray paint, and faux jewels made them look great.
Meanwhile Nana Clare had the job of sewing the outfits up on her sewing machine.

There was a rehearsal on Thursday, where the kids had a chance to try out the catwalk and think about a routine.

They gathered together some accessories from here and there. On Saturday afternoon, it was "Make-up" time, and Joanne handled that task remarkably well!

The excitement was building.

It was a great night. There were 79 entries in the show - a real record, and marvellous when you think that there are fewer than 2000 people in this community.

We arrived an hour before starting time, and the hall was already filling fast.

Bernie and I got great seats right at the end of the catwalk, which was terrific for photos, as well as for admiring the incredible ingenuity that had gone into producing the costumes.

The whole production was great fun, and both the designers and models entertained an enthusiastic audience in great style.
Teddy and Sienna enjoyed watching. I am sure they will really twist Tina's arm to be allowed to participate next time.

The girls did not win a prize, but they had enormous fun participating.
They are already planning for next year!

In my next posting I will show you some pictures of other entrants.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like they all had fun, what a great night and great imagination on the costumes.

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