Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tina had given the girls some canvas boards for Christmas, and had promised to spend some time painting with them. They had almost run out of holiday when they finally managed to find a suitable time!

Tina is an excellent decorative painter, and when she lived in Noosa, she sold several pieces from a gallery in Hastings Street. Here on the island, she designed a series of commemorative postage stamps for Banyan Park Playcentre, and they are the most cheerful and colourful stamps you could ever hope to see. She has also designed Christmas Cards, which are sold as a fundraiser for Banyan Park.

These are pictures of the series of stamps Tina designed - one has slipped in the frame a bit

The girls thumbed through Tina's albums and chose their subjects, and then Tina started them off with some basic chalk outlines.
It was an absorbing morning as colours were chosen, mixed and applied to canvas. The time just flew.

Tina was kept busy giving encouragement, ideas and suggestions.

It was finally time for the girls to move on to their next activity - a Pony Club Gymkhana. Tina offered to keep the canvases and add a few finishing touches.The girls received their finished pictures just before they left for the airport. They were looking forward to hanging them on their bedroom walls!

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