Saturday, September 06, 2008


I don't seem to be writing much about my creative endeavours just lately. It is true that I only seem to get into my sewing area in short bursts, before something "more important" beckons. But there are times when I manage to convince myself that getting creative and crafty IS the most important thing!

Evenings used to be a good time to get some handsewing done. However, it is my experience that the new low-energy light bulbs just don't measure up to the others when it comes to throwing light on the subject. Not only is it harder to see to thread needles and stitch neatly, but colours do not show up as well. I may think I have done some stitching in black, but in the morning I find it was really dark blue!! Add to that the fact that Basil the cat regards evenings as his cuddle time, and has a permanent "RESERVED" notice on my lap.

Of course it has nothing to do with age and diminshing eyesight!!

Anyway, here are a couple of things that I have been doing lately.

Now this one has been a long term project. It was inspired by somethng I saw while holidaying in Thames, NZ, at least six years ago. A piece of fabric was closely embroidered, stuffed and inserted into a miniature pot. I got as far as doing a small square of embroidery, using all sorts of ribbons, threads and beads, and it has been lying around for many years. Then recently someone saw it and admired it, and that was the impetus I needed to to make it into a little cushion, backed with purple velvet. A cord and tassel were fashioned using threads that picked up the colours. I think the admirer will be getting it for her birthday!!

That got me going, and I decided to make more. I thought that would try out something different for the background.

So I got a green chiffon scarf, overlaid it on some Fossil Fern fabric, and sewed round and round using free-motion stitching on an old Singer sewing machine. This machine actualy belonged to Bernie , who bought it to mend sheets in the apartments back in the days when you did that sort of thing!!! I am talking about more than 40 years ago, before we were married! Now as much as I love my Pfaff Creative(also becoming "vintage" after more than 20 years of faithful service), this old Singer is heavy and reliable, and sews a beautiful even stitch. Best of all, it has a dial which you can turn to give a wide range of variations of pressure in the foot, and if you turn it down to '0', it has the effect of dropping the feed dogs, so you can freewheel it with the stitching.

It actually worked, and I only broke the thread once! The old Singer bobbins also hold lots of thread, so I did not have to stop to change that!! First I did a smallish circle, then I decided to do it to a much bigger piece of fabric.

Next, I took my heatgun (which was also languishing waiting to be used) and gave it a blast, and this was the effect.

I should mention that the second time round, I mistakenly used the wrong side of the underlying fabric, and it looked much better. One should never despair about mistakes!

By now I was really excited, and could not wait to tackle the embroidery on the first small circle. I used silk ribbons and heavy silk threads and ended up completely covering the background fabric. Never mind, I am pleased with it. Here is what it looks like tucked into a little pot!

I am going to save this bigger piece for other projects - it has all sorts of possibilities!


Anonymous said...

Wow, love all of your projects but like the little pillow the best. Whomever gets it should be very pleased.

Cristina Rose said...

I am the happy and pleased recipient of the perfect little posie pillow.
I was loved unwrapping it on my birthday and then when I cheched your blog later that night, it was a nice surprise to see it pictured.
It will be very treaured, Thankyou Auntie Mary. xx Tina

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