Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is a great time of year for birthdays. Our grandaughter Sarah in New Zealand had hers on Friday, and Saturday was Peter's. He had come home from Queenslamd for a few days to celebrate.

Saturday was also Vanuatu George's birthday, and he invited us all to a Melanesian-style hangi round at Bounty Lodge.

The food was just beautiful, and the company most enjoyable.
The meats and vegetables, fresh from the ground oven, were succulent and
tender .
As we all sat round the fire feeling full and contented, we agreed that "life doesn't get any better than this!"


Our son Peter and daughter-in-law Kim are just 6 days apart in age. This called for a double celebration, so we decided on a Fish Fry at Devon on Wednesday evening.

John takes charge of the cooking of the fish.

There were about 25 adults and a dozen kids, and they all had a ball, as the pictures will show!

Kim is the perfect hostess, while Peter enjoys entertaining nephew William.

The fish is cooked to perfection!

The plates are licked clean - but there is plenty more.

Ice cream alongside toys on the dining table - signs of a good family party!I think Ben enjoyed his sweets!And Teddy and Will had a good feed too!Colouring-inn time for a Amy and Sienna.While James, Ben and young William make music.A bit of girlie time inside, with Bec, Ann, Adrienne and Chrissie - and young Will, who has just learned to walk.Benjamin (Just 3, on the same day as Peter), Sienna (2) and William (1) all enjoy a joke.Some enjoyed the kava, but it is not to everyone's taste!!

Anna nurses her young brother, who has

fallen asleep after too much partying!

It all got a bit confusing - there were two Bens, two James, two Williams and a Will - and a Bailey too!

No, we do not spend all our time eating and partying here on Norfolk Island - but we do enjoy an opportunity for friends and family to get together, to enjoy the good things that we have been blessed with on our little island!


Anonymous said...

loved the photos of the party, wish we had been there.

Hope you and Bernie are keeping well

Love Karen Mason

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,(and all the family).
Love keeping up with the news of Norfolk through your blog.
Love the photos and please pass our B'day wishes on to Puk and Kim.
Will keep checking your updates.
Our E-mail is

Love to all.
David and Marea Keppie. ( ex NI).

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