Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Norfolk Island is in a subtropical zone climatewise, and both our summers and winters are mild. Although we are conscious of the seasons, they do not arrive with the fanfare that accompanies the seasonal changes in the more temperate areas.

Nevertheless, although our winters are mild and frostfree, we most definitely greet the arrival of Spring as we move into September.

My first daffodil has bloomed.

Along the driveway we have the first clump of showy Hippeastrums.

And the Clivea lilies are beginning to display their bright orange blooms.

The May bush is in flower.

The native wisteria is dangling its loopy bloooms at the edge of the woodland.

And the prolific pink climber - a self-seeding annual from back in George and Dorothy's days - is competing for centre stage with the Busy Lizzies with their identical hues.

The blossoms of the ornamental ginger have finished, leaving these succulent orange spikes.
I love the delicate cascade of pale pink when the Shell ginger is in flower.

This is only part of the story of Spring here at Devon. No doubt everyone's little patch of ground has its own delights!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful, your flowers are much more showy than ours.

Wendy said...

Ahhhhh!!!! I love all your beautiful flowers!!! I am a big fan of flowers!

Anonymous said...

I had to go to google to remember what other name I called my May bush by.
Botanic name: Spiraea cantoniensis 'Lanceata'. The genus name Spiraea comes form the Greek word for wreath, referring to the flowering branches used for garlands. The species name cantoniensis refers to its origin in South Eastern China.

It is in full flower and has about 2.5weeks left to bloom when I fear it will be bashed and cut to shreds by a new fence going in.
I begged this fence to be done in the winter.........but the fencer drove around Australia.
I also have clivea in flower that will be in danger and helebores.
Not sure if my handyman will be home (another holiday) in time to move or lift them for me.

And do not mention wisteria....
I am not even looking for the leaves which I know will appear ...without flowers any day now.
Rotten thing had a whole frame built for it...now a glory fine graces the other end of it and the stupid wisteria still refuses to flower.

crazyQstitcher said...

Your flowers are a delight to see but your pink climber, though pretty, runs rampant here in both pink or white. It's called Dolichos.

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