Saturday, September 06, 2008


Following on from the last post, I thought I would show a couple more projects that have I have been working on.

I am not sure where the idea came from or what inspired me with these, but I found myself producing these little needlebooks.

I started with a rectangle of woollen fabric, and cut out a circle where the front cover would be. I then embellished the circle with fibres and emboidery, inserted it back into the rectangle and secured it with feather stitch, plus some extra stitches and sticky-backed stabiliser on the back.

I made twisted cords using wool yarns, lined them with co-ordinating fabrics, and now I have some little gifts or items to sell.


Carol said...

Your cameo scenes remind me of the beautiful 'horizons' pages you created for me. Love them.

Helen said...

Those needlebooks are very attractive Mary, each being an individual tiny landscape. Well done. I'm sure they'd all be snapped up so quickly if you should sell them.

Anonymous said...

Mary believe me it is not your eyes there was a piece in the paper over here about how the light from the new bulbs was not as good and opticians were worried it was going to cause problems for people. So take heart you are not getting old. I loved the little pieces you have done one day when I come over for more than a week I will have to get you to show me how to do some simple needle work.

take care
Karen mason

Anonymous said...

I love these as well and if I were attending your craft show I'd be buying several of them. You have such an eye for colour and arrangement it always amazes me when I see what you come up with.

crazyQstitcher said...

Hi Mary, my pc is still giving problems and I have to email here. Sorry.
I have given you the Kreativ Blog Award and if you find time to check my blog you will see the details there.
I have never been disappointed, ever, reading your blog. It's interesting, creative and I have learned so much here.

cheers Maureen

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