Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Norfolk Island Museum held a vintage car rally on Sunday to celebrate the restoration of A1, which will be the Museum's flagship, so to speak.

The cars gathered at Rawson Hall, and although I am not crash hot on the makes of cars, there seemed to be a fair sprinkling of Fords among them! Some of them are ex-army vehicles, a legacy from thedays when the New Zealand Army was stationed on the island during WW2.

Archie's vehicle was much admired, with all the timber body work, and even wooden wheel spokes!

Charles had invited us to ride on the back of the old A-model Ford from the Pitcairn Settlers' Village. This was the very first "Tour Bus" on Norfolk Island.

William wanted to try them all out!

The Rally course took about an hour, and there were questions to answer about things along the route. It was almost impossible to write as the old vehicles travelled along the bumpy roads.

It was a glorious Spring Day, and the wind blowing in our faces was invigorating.....although some of us suffered from windburn and sore eyes later.

A friendly wave to another participant

Some of the vehicles travelled better than others.

We passed one which had to stop for a while to cool down, while another was refilling the radiator from the spring in Watermill Valley!

Cemetery Bay looked beautiful as we passed

At the end of the journey, we all gathered in the penal compound at Kingston. The Junior Tennis Club provided a Sausage Sizzle and drinks, to raise funds for their trip to Pune in India, for the Junior Commonwealth Games next month.

The cars all lined up in the Compound

The kids really enjoyed it, although I am sure they did not appreciate all the hours and loving care that has gone into restoring and caring for these old treasures!!

The "Tour Bus" dropped us off at "Devon"

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