Sunday, August 03, 2008

I have reached the age where birthdays are not necessarily a milestone one looks forward to. Nevertheless, however hard one pretends to ignore them, they still have a habit of being enjoyable occasions, and the acknowledgements from friends and family are welcome and heartwarming.

The family went to the recently re-opened restaurant at Hillcrest on Wednesday evening for my birthday. We made it an early start because it was important to include the children.
Balloons always make the occasion festive!

And the little ones had a ball. Tina and Kim had planned some special distractions so they did not have to sit up politely at the dinner table all the time. William had been a bit out of sorts when he first came, but soon brightened up when he realised he would have Sienna and Teddy for company.

Even the big kids got down on the floor to join in!

The meal was very enjoyable, but I was quite overwhelmed when the kitchen and waiting staff appeared from the kitchen, singing "Happy Birthday" (two verses) and carrying a gorgeous big chocolate cake.

The birthday had lovely coloured candles - even the flames were coloured!

William certainly enjoyed the cake!

As we got ready to come home, I discovered why Teddy and Sienna had been so excited about a great-aunt's birthday party, and why they had showered me with such attention. I was just about to get up and gather my gifts and bag, when Teddy came up and said:
"Auntie Mary, haven't you forgotten something?"

"What have I forgotten Teddy?"

"Where are the lolly bags for us all to take home?"

I must remember that next year!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a very happy day and many more to come.

Karen Mason

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