Sunday, August 31, 2008

Winter is nearly over. We seem to have had a lot of celebrations this month, with several more coming up over the next few weeks. I thought I would share some of them with you.


Earlier in the month we had a visit from Andrew Rosindell M.P., who is the member for Romford, which is in Essex in England. Andrew's electorate also covers part of Greater London. Andrew is a Conservative, and is a Shadow Minister with a special interest in all those places around the world that have at some stage been British territories and colonies. Andrew would like to see the continuation of a strong link of friendship between Britain and these places, and feels Britain has a continuing responsibility to monitor the interests and welfare of the people of these former British outposts, even though there is no longer any actual political or decision-making power.

I found this picture on the net of Andrew and his dog. He looks like a true Tory!

The Pitcairn descendants Society hosted a lunch at Homestead Restaurant for Andrew and his personal assistant Osman Dervish.
Osman, who has a Turkish Cypriot background, is at Uni. and is a member of the young Conservatives. Working with a mentor like Andrew gives him a wonderful foundation in politics and the operation of Government, and he hopes to eventually enter politics himself.Greg and Bernie and Lisle presented Andrew with a panorama picture of Kingston on Millenium Morning.

Andrew presented the Society with a picture of Her Majesty the Queen

Now when I googled Andrew, I discovered that he had actually proposed a motion in the British Parliament to congratulate Winnie-the -Pooh on his eightieth birthday, and suggested that Winnie would definitely have voted Conservative. Now that is my kind of guy!


The White Oaks Day Club has celebrated its birthday after nine successful years of gathering each Thursday morning. in the Parish Centre.

A Game of cards. The lady in the centre, in the dark blue, is Thelma, who is now 101, but does not act her age! She is as agile as someone several decades younger - and plays a tough game of cards.

When the club was first established, there were a few sceptics. Not only are Norfolkers very busy and active people, but they are pretty independent. But thanks to wonderful leadership from Lorraine and other helpers, it has been immensely successful.

Lorraine and Dawn busy with the food in the kitchen

The program consists of morning tea, some exercises, a session called "Memory Lane" to keep the grey matter active, a time for games like cards or Scrabble, and a delicious lunch - all for just 4 dollars.

Andrea always looks forward to Thursdays. Here she is wearing her new jacket, knitted for her by Annette.

Chief Minister Andre and his wife Kim were special visitors for lunch. Bonnie in the foreground, and Thelma in the background. She may be 101, but no one needs to wait on Thelma!

Laughter and reminiscences are the order of the day.

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