Saturday, August 09, 2008


There was a bit of a buzz round the island yesterday, as word had gone round that the cruise ship "Pacific Sun" was to pass the island during the afternoon. Cars gathered at different vantage points in order to get a good view. These pictures are taken from Queen Elizabeth Lookout, which overlooks Kingston and the penal settlement area.
The Pacific Sun passes between our two offshore islands - Philip and Nepean

I think you will agree that cruise ships do not have the graceful lines of the old Cruise liners, and are more like floating hotels. However, I am sure the levels of luxury and comfort are still there!

Because we do not yet have a harbour here, it is not often that a Cruise ship will actually stop for passengers to be ferried ashore. They need to be brought ashore in small boats, and for a shipload of people, that is often not practical!!
However, on this occasion, a two way radio communication was set up so that Andre Nobbs, our Chief Minister, was able to speak to the passengers aboard the ship. Hopefully he will have whetted their appetites for a return visit to the island some time, this time by plane, to stay for a few days!

Now all of this has set off a trail of nostalgic memories of the visit of another more famous liner many years ago - and a strong connection with this very lookout.

More about that in the next post!!

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