Monday, June 11, 2007


We tend to associate hunter gathering as a stone age activity, essential for physical survival. But when you think about it, it still goes on today, although in our society most of it takes place in our malls and our supermarkets.
Here on Norfolk Island, we are a little closer to our sources of supply. HUnter gathering goes into full force around Bounty, as we seek out some of the traditional ingredients and produce to create a typical Bounty feast. Because Norfolk Island does not import fresh produce (except potatoes and onions) we are very reliant on what is local and seasonal, and so producing these things for ourselves...or having a close relationship with those who do....becomes extremely important!!
Yes, we do have our supermarket, but it is the spirit of sharing what we have grown and gathered that keeps our Norfolk community very special.

For Bounty this year, we enjoyed

*fish caught by John and his mates last weekend

*Hi-Hi (periwinkles) gathered from the rocks for us by our friend Pedro

*pies made from limes from Edie and Jack, and lemons from our trees

*pumpkin grown by Peter

*Pork from Simon's Water

*Ham from Farmer Lou's piggery - ordered last week

*Yams and cassava and plun (bananas) from Charles' traditional garden at the Pitcairn settler's Village

*Oranges from Jo and Glen's tree

*Avocadoes from Barbara and Ken Nobbs' trees (ours are a little late)

That is just the start of it. Here are a few pics of some of the traditional foods we enjoyed!

Pumpkin pilhi and ripe plun pilhi

Traditional coconut and lemon pies, and other delicious goodies for sweets - including Mal's wonderful pav made from fresh farm eggs!

Hi-hi pie, green plun pilhi, cassava, yams, mudda (steamed green banana dumplings), Tahitian fish, baked kumera and loads of other goodies!

Everyone starts filling their plates...there are 35 of us, but there is enough to feed an army!

Bounty indeed!

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