Thursday, June 28, 2007


We know that Eastern Australia and New Zealand are suffering from the extremes of wet, windy and wintry weather. We are grateful that our island, subtropical as it is, enjoys a somewhat equable climate and mild winter on the whole.

But today Norfolk Island is wet, cold and grey, and we have been experiencing strong gusts of wind. Parts of the island are without power.Planes are delayed. The main consolation is that the three inches of rain we have had in the last day or two is overflowing the water tanks, and soaking into the ground to replenish our much depleted water table.
What better time to shut oneself away in the sewing area, and conjure up some winter cheer in fabric?
And what better theme than cherry guavas?

I crazy pieced a background in blues, and then from my scraps out came all the bright reds and greens and even golds. The leaves and berries were fused and sewn to the background in a random riot of colour and texture, and then embellished further with threads and yarns and beads.

The very bright lime leaves in the background were cut from some of the silk paper I made recently.

It was such fun that I decided to do a second one, this time with the brightest of yellow backgrounds. I used a fabric kindly sent to me as a gift by Julia Peake from the Central Coast in Nsw recently.

It is at the top of the page. Doesn't it make you feel just so warm and happy?

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