Thursday, June 14, 2007

36596 DAYS!

I am told that when Thelma Spencer took herself off to bed last night, she called out "Good-bye 99!" And today she celebrates her first century, 36596 very busy, active and productive days.

We had a grand celebration for the very special occasion out at White Oaks today.
Thelma is a remarkable lady. She has been a widow for 47 years. She raised her own son and daughter while caring for a husband who eventually died from his war injuries. Then at the age of 65 she reared her son's children, when he was left alone with them. She was even known as "Mum" to daughter Tina's son, while Tina was known as "Mummy." Family have always been very important to Thelma, and although she lives in Newcastle, still running her son's household, she makes a couple of long visits to Norfolk Island each year to keep tabs on what Tina and her husband John are up to.

Thelma has had an interesting life. She taught music until she was 65, and did beautiful embroidery until very recent years. But she does not dwell in the past, because she is still too busy living life to the full in the present day. She is a familiar sight on the island "bustling round the supermarket at a 100 miles an hour" as someone said today. Her skin is clear and smooth, and she has fewer grey hairs than her son and daughter. She is nimble and agile, and plays a mean game of cards.

It may have been her 100th birthday today, but Thelma was not going to have anyone wait on her. During the morning, she was up on her feet far more often than she was sitting down. No doubt, doing things for herself, and pulling her weight around the place, and serving others has done her no harm.
I must add that Thelma told me she has never had a cup of tea in her whole life!

Here is Thelma with her family, including her brother (just 14 months younger) and his wife, her daughter Tina and John, her son Jim, and her nephew.

Thelma breaks the seal on her personal message from the Queen...the first of many congratulatory messages from V.I.P.'s.

But for today, the Very Important Person was definitely Thelma herself!!

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Anonymous said...

HAppy Birthday to Thelma, what a wonderful age and she looks so young!!!!
I love reading your blog, but most of the time I need a coffee and packed lunch, cause I sit and read every last detail and oogle the photos. You lead an amazing life :-)

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