Monday, June 04, 2007


Yesterday was the most glorious day. It was hard to believe we were at the start of winter, the air was so warm and balmy.

In the afternoon, we drove out to Captain Cook's Monument (usually just called "Captain Cook" for short) which is about as far as one can drive on this little 5 miles by 3 island. This is a coastal point to the far north of the island, once thought to be the probable site of Cook's landing in 1776 (although many would disagree, as it would have been a stiff climb up the cliffs for his men to gain any sort of foothold to explore the island.) This is a beautiful picnic spot, within the National Park, with glorious views of the sea in both directions and many of the offshore islets.

This year, this area is the venue for our "Art in the Park" exhibition, which is an annual event organised by our very active Community Arts Society.
Entry is easy and free. You just fill in a form, get a stake with a label, and then go and choose your spot...first come, best served. I never cease to be amazed by the fertility of people's imaginations and the variety of ideas that people come up with each year, . Some of them rely on clever word plays, others use recycled materials, sometimes the exhibits are interactive. Young and old take part. The displays stay in place for a fortnight, so they are subject to all the vagaries of the weather. Vandalism is rare on Norfolk, and the community would come down swiftly on anyone who dared to deface someone's creation.
The children from Years1/2 at the school put the finshing touches to their "Hands all Round" exhibit

Helen Sampson has put her knitting skills to good use to create a Rainbow Serpent

Hilary's Pirate, made completely from Pizza dough, is hoping it will not rain too much!

One of the McRitchie's entries, called "Follow Me" has plaster cast feet and hands leading up to some goodies in the branch of the tree. The hand and foot prints, which graduate in size, are from impressions made from William (10 weeks) Sienna (21 months) and Teddy (nearly 4)

Kaye Wood's moth, part of an exhibit showing the lifecycle, perches on the fence and enjoys the magnificent view of the coastline.

Enjoying a cuppa and refreshments

Truly, on this island, creativity abounds...and the wonderful spirit of participation makes it all happen!!

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