Friday, April 06, 2012


It has been a long time in the planning, but Maureen and Catherine - and their lovely DH's Graeme and John - are finally here on Norfolk Island!
We first met at the CrazyQuilting Retreat in Canberra over six years ago, and have kept in touch via the net ever since.
We have all been looking forward to this visit so much.
After a few days of concentrated sightseeing, it was time for the girls to get together and play, while the boys went off to try a bit of fishing.
And what better than a session of "Chicken Scratch"??

Up in the attic I have had these bags of special scraps for ages. They are offcuts that were passed on to me by the family of a lady (who has since died) who used to sew for theatre and opera productions in her younger days. There is more than I could do justice to in several lifetimes....
 And they are full of glitz and beads and embroidery and sequins......
 Catherine will hate me for putting this photo in, but it was exciting stuff, and lovely to be able to share!!!
 Then we had a session sitting down and ooh-ing and aah-ing over my collection of ATC's, and stuff from Round Robins I have been involved in.
It is just so great to share ideas and techniques...

 The next day we decided to venture into "Marbling." I had prepared some Carrageen liquid, and treated fabric scraps with alum.
 So we got right into it! A little tentatively at first, and just using a limited palette of colours....

 But as we warmed up we got bolder and more innovative...
 And started reaching for more and more colours to try...
We weren't very scientific about it...we are not the sort of girls who like following rules...

 We were delighted and excited with the results, and I know we are all going to have another go down the track!

When the boys came back, we tried not to bore them too-o-oo much with our crafty stuff, but I think they are used to it. We gave Catherine's John some Grassroots mags to pore through, as a little reward for his longsuffering!!.
 Meanwhile, Maureen's Graeme is the most patient and goodnatured man in the world, and is really enthusiastic about all her activities!
I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to be joined by these  special playmates, who just love the same sort of things that I do.
Meanwhile, the girls brought me some special gifts which I will show you in my next posting!


gaylenona said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. It's great to see you ladies having such fun. I don't think I "know" Catherine, but do say hello to Maureen for me.
Gayle Schipper

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary, that was fun! But where are the pictures of you?
I may have to post some.... : )
Thankyou for a fantastic day!
Catherine x

Calidore said...

It's good to see the look of excitement on Maureen's face hasn't changed at the sight of all that fabric. Lovely to see photos of both her, Catherine and their hubbies. So glad you all had such a lovely time together.

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