Monday, March 19, 2012


I just love the way that little kids can laugh at simple silly things. We grown ups sometimes take life so seriously, and we need to re-discover the fresh delight that little kids can experience with anything special or out of the ordinary.

Such as a giant pair of toy spectacles!

Nate thought they were such fun, and was reluctant to let his brother Liam have a turn. 
 Kids love birthday parties - even when the birthday boy is several decades older than them.
 Of course, Bern's cake (made by Kim) was a big attraction, especially the strawberries and the yummy icing.
 But the best part is lighting the candles....

And helping to blow them out. Even if it means re-lighting them several times so everyone can have a turn!
 But grown up kids can have fun too. We had a St Patrick's Day dinner out at the Rectory, and our Chaplain's wife Olive invited the ladies to come and sample genuine Irish stew.
 Our Chaplain David was the only man present, but he was a great host, and pulled of his impersonation of an Irish leprechaun really well! (David and Olive are Irish.)
 There were lots of laughs from the answers people gave to an Irish quiz....
 And, of course, a sprinkling of Irish jokes, altho' many felt  the best ones were a bit inappropriate for an occasion in a Church Rectory!!
By the way, Olive's shirt has the words NI to NI on it, standing for "Northern Ireland to Norfolk Island". She had it specially printed, complete with a shamrock. We all thought that it should have included a Norfolk pine, but she said that would have cost another $15!!!

 But young and old had a great time, and the Irish stew was delicious.

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Karen said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to the birthday boy :)

Can't believe how much the two boys look alike. The baby looks just like his brother did at that age.

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