Monday, April 16, 2012


It is just a week now since the Bonds and Byatts left to return home. I so much enjoyed their visit, and keep thinking of things I wished I could have asked them or shown them or shared with them. I will just have to hope there will be a return visit one of these days!!!
Meanwhile, a few more photos of their visit, and of some of their very generous gifts to me!

This picture shows Maureen and Graeme when we visited our local "Soul" gallery.

Cath and John admire some of the local artwork. Cath is clutching a handful of things she wants to purchase.

 My visitors overwhelmed me with lots of thoughtful and generous gifts. Maureen had been busy with her tatting shuttle, and produced all these little pieces - just perfect for a Crazy Patch piece.
 And I was quite taken back with this gift - a quilt made by one of Maureen's other daughters. It is just beautiful! I think this is the first time I have ever been given a quilt!
 Maureen made me these aprons, from rubber backed curtain material. Very functional - they will be well used. All my aprons are so old and stained I rarely don them nowadays! But these will certainly be used.
 Now here was a real surprise. I had mentioned to Maureen in an email that I had mislaid my needlebook. In fact, I still haven't found it. One day the girls produced this beautiful needlebook, that they had actually both worked on while they were here on the island. It is just exquisite, and will be much treasured - and used!

 The presents just kept coming - they were spaced out throughout the holiday. These special soaps were made by another of Maureen's daughters. I just love them!
 Then there was all the stashbuilding stuff. Cath had done some shopping for me, but refused to let me pay for it. It was supplemented by all sorts of wonderful bits and pieces and treasures....
 Fabrics, ribbons and yarns.......
 Scrapbooking paraphernalia ...
 Lovely beads....
 Trinkets and charms....
 Some lovely rubber stamps, including some with script and clocks. How could they read my mind so well?

Then there was this beautiful fabric and lace. Most of the fabrics had script and writing on them- just the sort of thing I love!! And as for the lace - just exquisite. A whole panel from a wedding dress!!
 I am sure they all had a wonderful holiday, if this photo of Maureen and Graeme is anything to go by, Cath took it on the top of Mount Pitt.


Karen said...

Wow, very nice I think you got spoiled. It all looks very lovely and they know you well.

Karen said...

Ooops, thought I'd commented on this post but didn't find it so I commented again. Needless to say I just found my previous comment so just delete it Mary.

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