Monday, April 30, 2012


Glynn is a Norfolk Islander who has lived away from the island most of her life - but strongly feels that Norfolk is her home. She and her husband Bob have now had the opportunity to build a home on the land Glynn inherited from her father.
Glynn and Bob are "settled" and working in Bungendore, so this will only be a holiday home for the time being.
But what a lovely spot! And what a magnificent view over "Cascades." Glynn is going to have some wonderful times here, re-connecting with her roots!

We were invited to come around for morning tea to admire the lovely new house.

Alas it is still without furniture - except for this outdoor setting.  That is still in crates on the ship which is bobbing around in the ocean just off Norfolk, unable to unload because of the rough seas. Very frustrating for Glynn and Bob, who need to return to Aussie on Friday. Glynn tells me that many of the pieces that belonged to her parents will grace this house, and provide many happy memories.
Nevertheless, we were still able to appreciate how great their new place will be for both them and their family and friends when they come to stay!
Now have a look at some of those views!
Off to the right...
 Down in the valley....
 Up to the hills....
And over to the mountain, which was a bit misty today...
 And this really does not do justice to the sheer grandeur of the outlook...
 Finally Glynn can look back at the old family home, which is being restored and done up by her sister.
 Glynn is enjoying her brand new kitchen.
 This will be a breakfast area - so relaxing....
Now Glynn is a deciated and very skilled quilter, and this was originally designated the sewing room. But Glynn thinks the second bedroom may well be commandeered for that!!

 Wouldn't it be lovely to live with this each day?

 No wonder the Templetons look so pleased!!


Karen said...

Very nice goodies she knows you well.

Karen said...

The house is beautiful and so is the view. I can see why they are so happy I would be as well.

She's going to find lots of inspiration for her quilting with that view.

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