Monday, February 20, 2012


SOUL Gallery held their "LOVE" exhibition last weekend, leading up to Valentine's Day. Most of the artists who exhibit there worked on new items with a theme of love, hearts etc.
 I showed you all the hearts etc I nad made in the previous posting. Because I had my dates wrong, I found I had time to produce a few more items, and gather together some old projects. I made a few brooches like these a few years ago, but tried a different colour scheme of black and gold.
 I made these little cupcake magnets a couple of months ago, but was not sure how to display them. In the end I sprayed an old "Weetbix" tin with white paint.

 I had already made  quite a few cards with heart shaped windows, but was able to add to them with some with red backgrounds and lace appliques.

 This is what my display looked like - just a few finishing touches to go! I decided to call it "Romantic Notions", naively thinking that no one would ever have thought of that name before!! Just a minute or two on Google proved me wrong!

 Here are some of the contributions of other artists - I am not altogether sure who made what, but they were all great.
 Tina made these wonderful rose necklaces, using twisted fabric and a hot glue gun. They look just fabulous.

 A great display of assorted items with hearts and other romantic themes.

 Lou and daughter Ada produced these yummy cupcakes.

 And Shari's little girl Nova painted this stunning picture. Nova must be all of six years old - what a talent! 

A delightful arrangement of shells.

 One of Tina's very creative photographs.

And Tina is not happy with a static exhibition. She has decided her car could do with some embellishment!

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Karen said...

Your hearts are just wonderful Mary but then they always are.

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