Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Here is Liam, looking a little pensive - or is he just a bit tired of smiling for all these photos? He is about to embarlk on his first day of "big school".

 Well, that's better - but the smile is still a bit forced.
 Will a funny face do?
 That's better. Liam never stays out of sorts for long!!
 He is all kitted out with brand new everything.....
 Including the shoes ( "no laces please", the teacher says.) By the end of the day they felt a little uncomfortable, and Daddy went down the street for a pair of sneakers he can wear until he breaks the shoes in!
 Meanwhile little brother Nate is off on some learning experiences of his own.....
such as finding where the solar lights are, and pulling them out and re-planting them! It won't be long before he is also off to school. Time goes by so fast!


Anonymous said...

Where have the years gone Mary, seems like just yesterday we were waiting for the phone call to say he was born. Hope I am around to see him start college

Karen said...

Time does go fast and you see it fly by when you watch the little ones grow in a blink of the eye.

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