Thursday, March 01, 2012


Every so often, we find ourselves having a "Show and Tell" session at our Tuesday Craft group, especially when a project has been completed. Last week we were able to view three finished quilts and ooh and aah and congratulate their makers, not only on their skills, but on their ability to actually finish something! Not all of us are so good at actually finishing things. Especially me. Not major projects anyway!
The first quilt to be unfolded was Lorraine's "Pineapple" quilt. This was done using a pile of scraps that Annette had bequeathed to Lorraine. Set against a black background, they look just fabulous! It is all handquilted.

Lorraine is one of our "champion finishers", not only of her own projects, but she often takes on other people's to finish too!

 Then it was Agnes' turn. This is one of Agnes' "Alaskan" series. When she and Bill went on a cruise to Alaska a few years ago, Agnes came across a wonderful Quilt shop, and has kept in touch with them and has bought a number of patterns and Alaskan inspired fabrics from them.
 Agnes has been having a year of "finishing" all sorts of projects, including some that have been around for a long time. She is almost at the end of the UFO pile, and is going to have to find something new to start. Maybe she would like to finish a few of mine!

 Finally it was Joy's turn. Now Joy has produced several dozen quilts at a time of her life when most people were well and truly retired. The latest group have been a series of "fairy" quilts, destined for her granddaughters and great granddaughters. As usual, Joy's choice of colours and fabrics really "sing."

 It is good to know that as you get older, your mobility and eyesight may start to fail, but the creativity is still there as strong as ever!

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Karen said...

A lot of nice quilts. I'm currently working on a little quilt as a baby gift and the mom just happens to live in Australia.

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