Wednesday, February 08, 2012


 I received a lovely bunch of flowers a couple of weeks ago. It was a thank you for being a judge in our wonderful local "Wearable art" show.
 The photos do not show it well, but the arrangement had some really stunning flowers - roses and others - in rerally dark reds. They had me quite inspired. When I got home that evening, I really had to restrain myself from going to my fabric stash and hauling out all my dark red fabrics, and auditioning them for a creation of some sort!.

 As it turned out, I waited until the next day, and then I began work on this little bag. I had a number of pieces of lace that I had dyed in shades of red, and used some of them to embellish it. And I used one of my fabric prints, which I find myself using more and more nowadays in my work. I am really grateful to Peggy in Taupo for giving me the CD's of pictures to add to my growing collection.
 While I was in creative mode, and really relishing using some of my lovely laces, Soul Gallery  decided to hold a special exhibition on Valentine's Day weekend with a "love" theme.  We were encouraged to creatye a couple of pieces specially for this. Well, that was right down my alley, and I certainly could not limit myself to a couple!!
 I have made these two heart shaped "treasure bags." One still has some of its plaited "strap" to be attached. They are made mostly from silk pieces with lace embellishments, plus some beads and vintage mother-of-pearl buttons.
 I see a stray pin on this one above....
And the inevitable thread on the one below....
 Then I got going on some collaged cards. When I made a batch once before, I just loved the way a red heart made them "sing." At the time, Tina suggested I could make the red heart my signature theme.Well, red hearts are just perfect for Valentine's Day!

 Then I got started on some little hanging hearts. The base and backing for these is some cream felt, which means I can sew them up without turning them inside out. That way I can let all the lacy bits dangle from the edges. Once again my pictorial prints came to the fore and set the theme.

 I still have to join most of these and make the little hangers, but here is one that is finished.
 The show opening is only two days away. I wonder if that gives me time to make some little heart shape brooches?

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Purple Turtles said...

They are all stunning Mary and I wished I could see them in person. I am sure they will be irresistable so good luck, I am sure you will sell out. Can't wait to see what the other artists come up with as well. Mandy

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