Saturday, October 30, 2010


We probably don't do it enough, but here on Norfolk Island, we still have opportunities for some lovely get-togethers, with home-made entertainments.
Last Saturday was such an occasion, when Don invited everyone to come and enjoy a pot luck supper at his "shed", with some musical entertainment aferwards.
Now Don's shed is no ordinary backyard tool shed. It is at the bottom of his yard, but it used to be an Aluminium Joinery. Over the years Don and Maree have absolutely transformed it, and now it is a large hall, with a big stage, a kitchen, a lounge area, and a number of smaller rooms. They call it "Tampali Kalcha Side" (Tampali Cultural Centre). That sounds a bit grand in English, but Don and Maree have always been extremely generous in making the place available for workshops in the arts, especially in the areas of music and Polynesian dancing.

 About thirty of us gathered that night, and we couldn't believe where all the food came from.

 Don and Maree's daughter Michaela demonstrated some of her Tahitian dancing skills to us. Michaela is learning from the Tahitians themselves, and is doing something which helps her to link back to her Tahitian foremothers - and with great skill.
 The Ukelele players are always great fun, and obviously enjoy performing together.
 Then Don and Tony went to the stage. Now Tony has been coming over to Norfolk Isand annually from Sydney for about 25 years (?) to tune our pianos. Each time he brings his piano accordion and is able to entertain wherever he is asked. This year, by special request, and with the assistance of some of his grown up family who accompanied him, Tony brought his super-duper "squeezebox", with all these electronic back-ups. What a magnificent instrument, like a mini-orchestra or band, and Tony brought out the very best in it!
One of our school teachers, also named Don, entertained us beautifully on what he calls his "whistle" - I suppose it is a kind of flute -it is not a very big instrument, but it has a wonderful range and tone, and Don plays it with great skill!!
 Then Ben, another of our teachers, took Don Reynold's place on the stage to accompany Tony.
 Of course, Vonnie was there with her spoons, enjoying life to the full.
 And Clare and Cynthia were busy adding to the rhythm with their clappers.
 The evening was not complete without a session from Ken on the piano. Ken comes from a very musical family of boys, but they have barely a note of written music between them!!
What a memorable and heartwarming evening it was. If you live on Norfolk Island, make sure you come to the next one!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful Mary, thanks so much for sharing it was almost like being there.

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