Friday, October 08, 2010


It was about 18 months ago that Bernie had his 80th, and Maeve was there to help him celebrate.
Last Friday night, believe it or not, it was Maeve's turn, and lots of us turned up at the RSL to give her a surprise party!!

Edie had made a special corsage for a special lady.
During the evening, they showed loads of great family photos up on a screen. I have discovered that if you turn off your flash, you can take great copies on your own camera. This one is of Maeve and first husband Karl. Maeve was a beautiful woman in her young days ....and still is!! It is hard to believe she has reached 80!
All her life, Maeve has expressed her Bounty Polynesian background and heritage through Tahitian dancing. This performance was some years ago, but I can tell you that Maeve is still incredibly supple and graceful right to this day!

Here is Maeve with older son Kim, who, along with Trent and Shane, provided the entertainment for the evening.

Maeve's mother Hagar was also a beautiful lady, with a strong spirit.

This entertainment was somewhat unexpected. How many 80 year olds get a striptease act for their birthday?

Everyone had a great time, including our granddaughters Emily and Sarah. It was certainly not a sedate party just for oldies. And Maeve showed up many of the younger folk on the dance floor.

Meanwhile, just to show you that there are many other Norfolkers who still believe in "Life- Be in it" after 80. here is Beryl (82) enjoying her weekly bout of Table Tennis. Beryl was once New Zealand's champion player - some decades ago -and while she may not move as fast nowadays, and is hampered by chronic arthritis, she has lost none of her skill and accuracy, and is still a formidable opponent to many younger folk.

People like Maeve and Beryl, who remain involved in the community and remain passionate about what they believe is important,  ensure that Norfolk Island remains a strong, healthy and productive community.

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Karen said...

Such fun and what a hoot having the strip tease act.

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