Sunday, October 17, 2010


We so much look forward to this time of year, because our New Zealand granddaughters, Sarah and Emily, always come to visit for about three weeks. Now it is always a time for cousins, because they have cousins on both sides of the family right here on Norfoolk Island - some little ones, and some their own age. As an added bonus, one of the Sydney cousins Nic(13) was here with his Mum Jenni (my niece) and they had a great reunion after getting together here last Christmas!
I was going to go through my photos to show you, but I discovered that the girls had uploaded their own pictures of the holidays onto my computer, so I decided to show things from their point of view!!!

Anna and Sarah learn about some of Norfolk Island's history at Queen Victoria Gardens.
A day at Crystal Pool

Nic and Sarah

A picnic at Anson Bay

The kids had the energy to go right down to the beach and explore!

 The Lemonade Stall happened within an hour of their arrival!

William really enjoyed having his older cousins to entertain him.

And the girls enjoyed getting to know their newest cousin Nate.

There were"sleepovers" (more like "wakeovers") with scary movies, and chocolate.

They managed to pin down the elusive "Uncle Ed."
 These kids always make their own fun!

A visit to Gracie's, to see their spring lambs.

Kim and Charles put on a party and a sleepover for Emily's 14th birthday.

 More fun and games at Anson Bay.

 They all wrote their names large in the sand.

There was always time for horses, and both girls eventually had a ride in the Show, even though they had not planned to.
 At the Mini-Golf Shop.

Blogger is playing up today and will not let me load any more pictures. But I am sure you will agree that the cousins have a ball on Norfolk Island. Sarah is desparate for her Mum to come back and live, because, as she says, "Norfolk Island is so much fun!'
And she is right

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Anonymous said...

So nice, these are the vacations that they'll remember fondly the rest of their lives.

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