Thursday, November 11, 2010


So what is happening on the Devon front lawn now? 
 Guava stakes have been set in place on rows.
Then miles of black plastic is being fixed to them. 
 Yes, it is Halloween time again, and Charles and Kim don't do things by halves, as you know. Our front lawn has been turned into a maze!
 This is what it looks like from upstairs.
 And here are just a few of the things to scare you inside.

 The preparations actually went on for two whole weeks, and a lot of Charles' staff from the shed were involved too. The word had got around the island that "Devon" was again well worth a visit on Halloween night, and they came in their hundreds. Fortunately, after being tricked and scared in the maze, most forgot completely about "treats". But there was an enormous bowl of coloured sugar popcorn (produced by Mal) at the Maze entrance.

A great deal of screaming emerged from the maze. But it couldn't have been too terrifying - most of the kids (and several adults) went through a number of times, and actually wore a track in the grass!!. 
 Baby Nate slept through it all. But big brother William was right into the spirit of things this year!

Everytime we thought  there would be no more kids to come, the "workers" stopped for a drink and a sausage. Then more would keep arriving, some on return visits!
 The fun kept going right through the evening.
 But at last we could all relax. So much work just for two or three hours! But the Maniac's Maze provided a heap of enjoyment to a whole lot of island families - and that's what it is all about, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Nice, we had two children visit our door this year. Glad to see that at least you had some fun.

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