Thursday, September 30, 2010


What a beautiful time of year on Norfolk Island! The days are balmy, and the nights are still cool enough to cuddle up and be comfortable!
My garden is shouting SPRING!!

All the "naughty poppies" are in full bloom. They came uninvited to my garden some years ago, and settled in. And because they have not shown any desire to stray further, I have welcomed their bright show for a week or two each September.

Tina held her customary birthday High Tea in the garden.

I took her some additions to her little bowl of "frosted fruits".and was delighted to find her original ones were the centrepiece of the table.
Sienna proudly showed off her spring outfit, including the lovely patchwork/lace skirt made for her by her Granny (my sister Sally)

What a beautiful setting, with the white foamy waves of Ball Bay just visible in the background.

St Barnabas Spring Fair was held on the last weekend in September, and as usual, it was a very special family day.

Sarah and Emily had asked if they could hold their usual Old-fashioned Lemonade Stall.
They had only arrived from New Zealand that morning, and came straight from the airport out to the Parish Centre.
There were lots of great activities for the kids.

And the waterslide was, of course, the main attraction.

The Spring Fair is a wonderful Family Day Out.

On Tuesday the girls were looking for a fun activity, so they went down the street and bought several bags of water bombs. They got busy in the old laundry, filling every container they could find.

They even had mini-containers for the littlies.

All the cousins were invited.
Jasper had his very first water balloon.

Filling the balloons was every bit as much fun as the actual fight, which was over all too quickly!

We were all very proud of William, who went and picked up every bit of balloon he could see!!

Holiday fun on Norfolk Island - you can't beat it!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Mary, thanks for sharing.

Chelsea said...

Looks like yorli had a wonderful time. Thanks for posting Mary, its so great to see all the goings on at home, makes me feel like i'm there. :)

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