Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am always sorry when the Christmas/holiday season is drawing to a close, because there are always wonderful occasions with family and friends, and a relaxed abandonment of normal routines. Some special memories are created at this time, and our rather impromtu Boxing Day get-together was a great example.

I say "impromptu", but Kim had been thinking it up behind the scenes. Originally I just thought we were going to have a nice Christmas leftover lunch, and a special repeat Christmas celebration with Miriam, Sarah and Emily, who had arrived from New Zealand that morning.

But Kim, who is a wonderful "events organiser", had arranged for some family and friends, including a number of children to come around to experience a special event - the arrival of Santa on the Bobcat!
There was of course plenty of food and drink, and everyone was in a relaxed mood.
Then there was a buzz of excitement - not to mention a buzz of an engine! And Father Christmas made his entrance from the trees on a rather unusual mode of transport!!

There followed a session of handing out presents, with a generous sprinkling of ho-ho-ho's, in a voice that sounded  remarkably like one of my sons!!!

Young and old got in on the act!

Finally it was time to say goodbye

Santa  performed a few tricks for his audience

And disappeared back into the woods!

It was a really happy occasion, right in the spirit of goodwill that should characterise Christmas!

William greatly enjoyed it all. But he is not silly. When he caught sight of Father Christmas's hat ( inadvertently left lying around) a couple of days later, he commented that his Dad had looked really funny wearing it.

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