Monday, January 11, 2010

Seascapes for a Rainy Day
We have had just a little bit of long waited rain this afternoon. I decided to spend some time on a creative project instead of weeding the garden. Just kidding - I would not have been weeding the garden anyway - too hot for that.
At the moment my inspiration is some recently purchased silk fibres, plus Judith Baker Montano's latest book "FibreArt Montage". I have been itching to get onto some seascapes, and spent an hour or two yesterday sorting through some fabrics that said "water".

A few months back, I purchased this little hanger at the Op Shop. It is designed to take little photographs, I suppose. But I thought it would lend itself to some little collages, and starting "small" would give me some confidence for tackling the project. At the top of the hanger is a Pisces motif, perfect for a marine scene or two.

In no time at all, I whipped up three little seascapes, plus one reject. It just took a mini crazy patch background, a few teased fibres, some embroidery thread, some beads, and a doo-dad or two.
Now the trouble with showing photographs of a miniature on the blog is that they end up larger than the real thing, and you see more detail than you are meant just squint when you look on these pictures!

Next on the list is to gather together some smallish frames. so I can tackle some scenes that are just a little larger.

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Karen said...

These are so cute.

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