Tuesday, January 05, 2010

and for fond grandparents everywhere........

My camera really worked overtime at Christmas, especially capturing 2 year old Wiliam's enjoyment of the occasion. On Christmas morning, we walked down to "Devonside" to watch the family open their gifts and to see what Father Christmas had left for William.
When we first arrived, he was opening some gifts in front of the computer screen so that Nana and Poppy in Wellington could enjoy the occasion too. Isn;t modern communication wonderful?

It was so heart warming to see his great delight, not only in his own gifts, but in helping Mum and Dad open theirs!

Kim has really been looking forward to this!

It is moments like these that you can relate to the old adage "Christmas is mainly for children" (although I am not sure I completely agree)

William just loves books, and pretends to read aloud...Once upon a time....

Trying on new pants....

What is in this box?

I don't know who is more excited about this one, William or his Daddy!

Hope you enjoy these Karen and John (William's other grandparents)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Mary what wonderful photos I realy appreciate you doingthis for us
Karen M

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